Jumblatt: To refrain from public debate and attacks on Central Bank Governor

“Democratic Gathering” Head, MP Walid Jumblatt, called in a series of Tweets following the Verdun explosion on Sunday, for “ending all public debate in newspapers and the media, and refraining from attacking Central Bank Governor, since confrontation today is targeting Hezbollah and its audience, and all of Lebanon.”

He added: “Confrontation today lies in mitigating, to the maximum extent possible, the damages of sanctions and dealing intelligently with the matter, so as to preserve the banking sector.”

In this context, Jumblatt called for “forming a specialist team, away from media sight, to study the issue and aid Riyad Salameh in warding-off dangers.”

He warned that “no mistake is allowed in this respect for it seems that more economic difficulties are awaiting us.”

Source: National News Agency


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