Kabalan: U.S. financial measures against Hezbollah scheme to sow strife

Deputy Head of the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan delivered his Friday sermon in which he deemed the U.S. financial measures against Hezbollah “a scheme to sow strife among Lebanese.”

“These measures fall within the framework of sanctions against the resistance that has protected Lebanon and defeated Israel and Takfiri gangs,” he said, stressing the need to work hand-in-hand for the sake of preserving the country’s economy.

“If fighting terrorism is the excuse for imposing these sanctions, we say this excuse is groundless since Lebanon is one of the countries directly afflicted by terrorism. It is also the spearhead against this phenomenon,” he argued.

Sheikh Kabalan called upon politicians to agree on “a fair and modern electoral law that could achieve healthy representation.”

Hoping not to resort back to the 60s law, Kabalan supported an electoral law based on proportionality with Lebanon as one electoral circumscription.

“Dialogue remains the only means to resolve national issues,” he reiterated, shedding light on the State’s duty to enforce the law, liberate the judiciary and uncover the perpetrators of corruptive acts, “especially those involved in the illegal internet, the spoiled food and the human trafficking files.”

Source: National News Agency

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