Karam: LF refuses president for two year term

“Lebanese Forces” head, Deputy Fadi Karam hoped on Tuesday to achieve a breakthrough regarding the presidential file.

“LF rebuffs the election of a president for two – year term as it harms the post of the presidency,” he told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio.

Regarding the naturalization dossier, he said “the Lebanese official rejection is fundamental but solidarity and conviction should stand in face of this issue.”

He called on the Lebanese factions to offer initiatives and resolutions to the aforementioned issue.

On the other hand, the MP said that LF in consensus with Deputy Speaker Farid Makari in a number of villages as well as in consensus with FPM in different villages in Kora.

“We won’t undergo confrontation with FPM and FPM won’t come out with alliances with Makari,” the lawmaker asserted.

Source: National News Agency

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