Karami, Lassen tackle Tripoli situation

Former Minister, Faisal Karami, received on Thursday at his residence in Tripoli the head of EU Mission in Lebanon, Ambassador Christina Lassen, with talks between the pair reportedly touching on the situation of Tripoli in light of the current economic hardship and the repercussions of the large number of displaced Syrians.

Conferees also dwelt on “a number of future projects for host communities in Tripoli and the North, particularly in the educational, youth, social care and humanitarian sectors, as per a statement by Karami’s bureau.

Talks also touched on the “repercussions of the war in Syria on the situation of Tripoli and the North, and the role of the security forces, especially the army, in the fight against terrorism.”

Karami underlined the dire need for supporting the army and reinforcing its role and equipping it with the required weaponry and ammunition in the face of surrounding threats.

Source: National News Agency

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