Marking the 33rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Prime Minister Rashid Karami, the Head of the “Dignity Movement”, MP Faisal Karami, delivered a speech to the Lebanese this morning from his Tripoli office, saying: “He lived and died for the sake of Lebanon. This is the Martyr of Lebanon, Rashid Karami.”


The MP considered that the assassination of the late Prime Minister Karami was part of a scheme to target Lebanon’s unity.


“Today, we have to admit and acknowledge that the Lebanese have accumulated failure after failure in maintaining and protecting their national unity, until they ended up diminishing it in the recent years to what they call national consensus, which is the opposite of unity…Rather, the consensus is only to link a conflict between two divided sides. Unfortunately, even the harmony has been emptied of its noble ends, if any, and transformed into a way of sharing the gains, disrupting the constitutional life and joining in mutual silence and complicity towards the committed sins and corruption,” Karami underlined.


“For decades, we have excelled in overcoming problems without reaching solutions. We failed to determine this country’s position in history and geography,” he said.


Karami recalled herein the Martyr PM’s words that solutions would emerge “if sincere national wills are available, and they do not need more than a citizen that is reassured of the ruler’s impartiality, the judge’s justice and fairness, and the employee’s honesty.”


Commenting on those who are mourning the Taif Accord, MP Karami said: “Rather, the call to implement the Taif should be considered as a single reference for political and democratic life, and for affirming the covenant that unites the Lebanese and allows them to move to a modern state that satisfies the mind, logic, conscience and new generations. ”


The MP then touched on the unprecedented economic and financial collapse that Lebanon is witnessing, which he considered will sooner or later lead to a catastrophic social explosion.


“There is no doubt that Lebanon is paying the price of the wrong economic and financial policies, and there is no doubt that the country is in a major crisis which is the natural result of the policy of defrauding the Taif, by sharing power, influence and persistence in the practice and coverage of corruption and public money thefts, as well as striking the most productive sectors in favor of a rentier economy and a financial engineering that accumulates the wealth of the rich, and increases the poverty of the poor,” Karami said regretfully.


However, the MP assured that “Lebanon, which is open to all economic rescue solutions with all advisers and those interested in the East and West, is ready to discuss all matters, but it will never barter at all in two main issues, namely its national unity and the unity of its people, land and state, and the balance of strategic terror with the Zionist enemy that constitutes the safety valve in protecting Lebanon, its people and its wealth.”


“Our faith in a one and independent Lebanon will not be shaken in light of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, and we will not give up straightness and honesty as an approach in the footsteps of Al-Rashid and Omar [Karami]…and Lebanon’s Martyr, Rashid Karami, will continue to be the source of inspiration and guidance throughout the days…May God protect Lebanon!”


Source: National News Agency

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