NNA – Regarding news on Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim issuing  a warrant against Mr. Ralph Faisal, and referring him to Beirut First Investigative Judge Charbel Bou Samra, Karpowership regrets the issuance of this warrant, which has resulted from a series of slanders and lies aimed at damaging its reputation and credibility in the media.


While the company firmly objects to such attempt that involves it in a case that it has nothing to do with at all, it affirms its full confidence in Mr. Ralph Faisal, whom it has been working with for many years. The company requests the Lebanese judiciary to highlight this case once and for all, in order to put an end to the series of extortion and defamation. It also reserves itself to take all measures to ensure the protection of its rights.


Moreover, Karpowership regrets being slandered in that way, while it has made a lot of sacrifices for Lebanon, the most important of which being not receiving yet its dues for fifteen months now. The company is still continuing, in spite of it all, to provide Lebanon with power and to stand by the Lebanese people while enduring the hardships and being subject to baseless attacks in the media.


Finally, Karpowership reminds that it has come to Lebanon under a contract with the Government of Lebanon approved by all its members at all times. The company carries out all its contractual duties with the government of Lebanon and contributes to the energy project in accordance with its contract. Karpowership is  providing a capacity that exceeds 370 megawatts (i.e. between 4 to 5 power supply hours per day) through its two Powerships, ‘Fatmagül Sultan’ and ‘Orhan Bey’, moored off the Zouk and Jiyyeh power plants respectively, at costs far cheaper than alternative sources for Lebanon such as private generators, imports, and expensive old units of EDL, and continues to provide savings and help alleviate sourcing hard currency challenges of Lebanon through those savings. –



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon


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