Kataeb after periodic meeting: Prelude to political reform election of president

Kataeb Party stressed on Monday the paramount importance of the election of the president of the republic as a gateway to realizing political reform in the country.

“The election of the president shall enable the House of Parliament to exercise its duty of devising a modern electoral law and the development of the political system,” Kataeb said in a statement in the wake of its Politburo periodic meeting, under the chairmanship of Party chief MP Sami Gemayel.

Kataeb considered that any attempt to put the president-elect in front of an ‘already-devised settlement’ over fateful matters is tantamount to undermining of his consensual role that guarantees the unity of Lebanon.

The Party also beseeched all the Lebanese youths, of all affiliations, to reject the status quo in a way that ends the longstanding presidential vacuum, prevents the extension once again of the mandate of the House of Parliament, and produces a new political class that would move Lebanon on the path of modernity and robust state.

Marking the forty-day memorial commemoration of Qaa martyrs, Kataeb called on the state to fulfill its pledges to the families of Qaa in terms of securing maximum protection and providing them with all the necessary structural, social and economic support that would enable families to remain steadfast in their land.

Kataeb also renewed its call for halting all tenders taking place at ministries and the Construction and Development Council and constraining them, as stipulated in law, with the Tenders’ Department.

Source: National News Agency

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