Kataeb Party launches organ donation campaign

Kataeb Party on Thursday launched an organ and tissue donation campaign at Kataeb’s Saifi headquarters.

Kataeb Party leader, MP Sami Gemayel, delivered a word in which he considered that sustainable development and the evolution of society were both essential in the party’s political and social struggle.

“Every year in Lebanon there are thousands who die despite the fact that they could have been saved if there had been enough awareness about organ donation,” Gemayel said.

“Saving lives is at the heart of Kataeb party’s struggle and work,” he added.

Moreover, Gemayel deemed organ donation an outright fight against the organ trade industry “that greatly hurts our society.”

He finally pledged that the Kataeb party MPs were ready to contribute to all the law proposals and legislations that could facilitate organ donation.

“It is important to spread awareness campaigns for citizens to donate organs in order to save many and give them hope for a new life,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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