Khalil calls for national approach in oil file

Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, called on Sunday for a national approach to the country’s oil file.

Khalil’s stance came during a funeral ceremony in Kantra village.

He added that Amal Movement had a national approach to accelerate the operations for the exploitation and production of oil.

“This is a national priority and it will open new prospects on the economic and political levels as well as in international relations,” he noted.

“Why did the discussions of this issue take three years to reach an agreement?” questioned the MP.

He also stressed the need to have an international front to counter terrorism, noting that takfirist terrorism includes in its battle Zionist terrorism and constitutes a threat to Lebanon.

“Despite the achievements of the security and military institutions, terrorism remains a real risk,” pointed out Khalil.

“We are looking forward during this critical phase to an interior unity to face state terrorism posed by Israel and takfirist terrorism along the borders,” the MP underscored.

“This will only be possible if we strengthen state institutions and we activate political institutions starting by the election of a President and the activation of the government’s work,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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