Khatib: No decision yet to move Costa Brava landfill

Environment Minister Tareq al-Khatib said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon 100.3-100.5 radio station that he was “not aware of “Sukleen’s suspension of waste collection in Baabda and the southern suburbs, but of the judicial decision to interrupt the transport of waste to the [Costa Brava] landfill and continue to work inside it,” adding that the Ministry of Environment has sent delegates to the landfill to monitor the work.

He pointed out that the ministry is running an environmental impact assessment on the Costa Brava landfill.

Responding to a question, Khatib stressed that “no decision has been made so far to transfer the landfill somewhere else,” pointing out that “the meeting today at the Ministry of Interior is to look at the issue of seagulls that pose a threat to the safety of passengers and flights,” stressing that “the Ministry of Environment is ready to listen to experts in a bid to find solutions to the crisis of waste, particularly on the subject of birds.”

Source: National News Agency

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