Khazen: Consultations underway over presidential dossier

MP Farid Khazen stressed that FPM is against the principle of extension in general, with no discretionary approach in this regard.

He pointed out that “any terms’ extension in the military institution will negatively affect the latter.”

Khazen said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon – 93.3 radio station that “an appropriate position will be made in case the term of LAF commander Jean Qahwaji is extended again, end of September,” ruling out “the resignation of FPM ministers from the government.”

Responding to a question, Khazen stressed “that General Michel Aoun meets the requirements set for the presidency, as he represents the majority of Christians, especially after the Meerab agreement,” pointing out that “contacts and consultations are underway over the presidential file, but there are no concrete results until the hour.”

Source: National News Agency

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