Khoury: Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah relations undergo significant crisis

“The current relation between Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah witnesses a significant crisis,” Change and Reform parliamentary bloc member MP Walid Khoury said during an interview to “Free Lebanon” Radio Station, noting that “Hezbollah-Future relations don’t ripe yet for dialogue.”

The Deputy considered the reason behind Saudi Arabia’s decision to suspend the military donation to the Lebanese army could be an international and regional one which aims at weakening the Lebanese army and front.

Commenting on the presidential elections file, Khoury threw the ball in Future movement playground, considering that “the key solution for presidential elections is in their (Future) hands.

Responding to a question about a new parliamentary electoral law draft, Khoury highlighted the importance of the proportionality law, adding that discussions concerning this issue are still ongoing.

Source: National News Agency

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