President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted Lebanese keenness to cooperate with the UN in all areas it handles in Lebanon, stressing adherence to international charters and decision, especially Resolution 1701. The President also called on the international organizations affiliated to the United Nations, to continue providing support and assistance to Lebanon, especially in light of the current difficult circumstances which the country passes through.


Stances of the President came while receiving UN Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Mr. Jan Kubis, today at Baabda Palace, on a farewell visit to mark the end of his tasks in Lebanon, and his assumption of new assignments, in Libya.


President Aoun awarded Mr. Kubis the National Cedar Order (Rank of Knight), in recognition of his efforts in enhancing cooperation between the UN and Lebanon, wishing him success in his newly assumed tasks. The President congratulated Kubis on the medal, thanking him for everything he had given and made for the benefit of Lebanon, which made him a friend of this country. In addition, the President praised the cooperation which Kubis had shown with Lebanese authorities and wished him success in his new missions, considering that what Kubis had done reflected UN keenness on Lebanese and the Lebanese.


Moreover, President Aoun conveyed his greeting to UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, “Who more than once expressed his love, affection and love for Lebanon, along with his constant desire to support this country”.


For his part, Mr. Kubis thanked President Aoun for honoring him, referring to the feelings of honor and emotion which overwhelm him as a result. Kubis affirmed that he will convey the President’s greeting to Mr. Guterres.


“I am leaving Lebanese, and this is unexpected, because my plan was to stay for a longer period, but matters are subject to circumstances and need. Therefore, I have to leave, but I am heartily staying here. The UN will also continue to communicate with your Excellency and the Lebanese, especially since Lebanon is one of the founding members, who have laid the foundations for cooperation, based on respect and loyalty. Your Excellency have witnessed very active work of the whole UN system here. My Deputy, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mrs. Najat Rushdi, who is staying here and will be in charge of the whole UN operation, up until the Secretary-General will appoint my successor. I can confirm that the same attitude will be at the disposal and work for the benefit of Lebanon, by General Del Cole, Head of UNIFIL, and the operations will continue” Mr. Kubis stated.


“The UN Secretary-General is following, with keen interest, what is happening here in the country, lately last Thursday in a telephone conversation with the Caretaker Prime Minister, Mr. Hassan Diab. They dealt with a number of issues which are very relevant and critical for Lebanon. I am in contact with the Secretary-General and I can confirm that he is now intensively looking in the areas which Lebanon needs assistance, and he is ready to mobilize international and UN assistance. At the same time, he is committed to appoint my successor, as soon as possible, of course with close coordination with Your Excellency, because this is the way we operate” Kubis continued.


Finally, Mr. Kubis concluded “Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your Excellency, for all the support and cooperation that you kindly granted me and to the whole UN system. We need it and we are here to reciprocate and to support you, Lebanon and the people of Lebanon in the future”.


On the UN side: Deputy of the UN Special Coordinator, Mrs. Najat Rushdi, Political Advisor, Alexander Kosti, and Special Assistant, Mrs. Lina Al-Kidwa, attended the meeting.


On the Lebanese side: former Minister, Salim Jreisatti, Lebanese Presidency Director-General, Dr. Antoine Choucair, Advisors Mr. Rafic Chelala, and Osama Khachab, attended.


Displaced Minister:


President Aoun met Displaced Minister, Mrs. Ghada Shreim, and discussed with her the work of her ministry and the files of the displaced, in preparation for the cancellation of the Ministry, after completing all tasks.—Presidency Press Office



Source: National News Agency

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