Latest weather radar network

MUSCAT: The Public Authority for Civil Aviation has installed four weather stations in Fahud, Ras Al Had, Al Duqm and Salalah as part of a weather radar network. The fifth one will be installed in Muscat in May and a sixth weather radar will be in the Government of Musandam in the second phase of the project. Weather surveillance radars are among the most important systems used to measure the distance, altitude and velocity of fixed objects by using electromagnetic waves within a 500-km radius.

The radar precisely detects wind speed and direction, precipitation movement and air currents and provides accurate information for weather prediction and early warning. These radars also enhance the accuracy of numerical predictions and locate precipitation, calculate its motion, and estimate the type of rain, snow, hail etc. The authority will also install a flash flood forecasting system which will enable met office to precisely determine the location of rain and sudden flooding and monitor cyclone motion and wind speed.


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