Lawyers’ role in promoting access to justice highlighted

MUSCAT: The first Omani legal forum was held at Riwaq Al Fikir lounge at Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising (OEPPA) on Tuesday under the auspices of Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, CEO of OEPPA. Al Kindi awarded Suaad al Lamki, the first law graduate in the Sultanate, as she graduated from Trinity College in Ireland in 1963.

The agenda of the conference included two legal topics, one is the judicial services and role of the lawyers in promoting the excellence of access to justice.

The esteemed speakers were Professor Brian Briviati, a visiting lecturer at Kingston College in London, and Judge Mai Matar from Bahrain.

The second session was about “corporate governance” by Professor Sunder Rajararan, GM of ICM Oman, explaining the origin and leading practices relating to corporate governance for companies and its application in Oman.

Maimuna al Sulaimani, founder of Law and Life project and the organizer of the First Omani Legal Conference, concluded with insider realties of the role of the corporate counsel and what future corporate leading practices requires in Oman.

The objectives of an Annual Omani Legal Forum include:

• Gather Elite professional Legal Consultants and Lawyers from Oman and beyond

• Create a an active platform for professional lawyers and judges in Oman

• Promote and realise “Rule of Law” in Oman as a leading practice in the Arab world and Globally

• Promote legal awareness in all society segments

• Establish friendship, and colleagues to share intellectuals and success

The First Omani Legal Conference was concluded with recommendations of the panel and recited by Suaad al Lamki. The Recommendations included:

1. To review the mechanism for registration of lawyers in Oman To Submit to the Capital Market Authority a proposal for an action plan of a unified role of legal counsel in listed and closed joint stock companies.

2. To Ensure the Legal Counsel Role in realizing Corporate Governance principles

3. To review the legal training of new graduates of Law and certification

4. To expand the definition of professional lawyers beyond those who appear in court

5. To introduce the concept of the judicial authority toward judicial service and administration approach, and

6. Consider E-learning for legal education.

Law and life initiatives and projects


Is a creative Intellectual legal initiative. Taleef is an Arabic word means writing. The objective of Taleef is to encourage intellectuals to write in the Legal Domain. This includes any research-based publication. Taleef was launched in March, 2014 during the events of Muscat International Book fair. A judge panel is formed of esteemed legal professionals in Oman. The uptake to this initiative is very promising. So, far 13 applications are shortlisted.

The process is ongoing to evaluate the applications and soon during 2015 results would be published. The first three winning draft books are going to be published via funding of Ministry of Information in the Sultanate of Oman. The First and Second winners’ books in hard copy format and the third place winner would be in a soft copy version.


Law and Life introduces for the first time in the Middle East a unique program for law graduates and senior students under the name of Apprentice 2015

The program objectives are:

1. To elevate the outcomes of law schools in Oman and the Gulf

2. To established a knowledge sharing culture amongst law graduates

3. To rebuild corporate culture, professionalism, International best practices and ethics amongst lawyers

4. To promote dialogue in the legal domain and finally

5. To establish a platform for legal professionals and academia.

Towards the end of the program, the apprentice DEBATE would take place during which the negotiation and dialogue skills are tested! Always there is a winning team and a winning apprentice!


The Omani Basic Statute of the Statute was promulgated in 1996 via Royal Decree (101/1996). The purpose of this program is to educate youth from age 10 to 22 about the Omani Basic Statute of the State using Art.

The first sessions were already launched during Muscat Book Fair, 2015 with huge success. This program is to be continued with other segments of youth!

The First Omani Legal Conference is powered by Law and Life and is planning to organize this event annually.


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