BEIRUT, — The Lebanese Army has taken delivery of a cache of arms including heavy-caliber artillery pieces from the United States of America, in line with ongoing US support for the national armed forces.

The weapons include 40 (155-mm) cannons, missiles, ammunition of heavy and medium arms, 40 armored vehicles equipped with various guns, the army said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement quoted the US Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard as affirming Washington’s resolve to continue reinforcing the Lebanese Army’s combat and logistical capabilities.

Ambassador Richard, during the arms hand-over ceremony, in Beirut, praised the local army in combating “terrorism and protecting Lebanon’s security.”

Washington, pleased with the local troops’ steadfastness in the face of radical groups, namely the so-called Islamic State in the border regions, has been sending arms and ammunition to the Lebanese Army on annual basis.

The Lebanese Army has heavily depended on Washington for many years for armament.

Source: Name News Network

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