BEIRUT, Lebanon- “We want a president with a popular preponderant majority,” Lebanese Foreign Affairs Minister, Gibran Bassil, told the founding municipal action congress, at Platea, today.

“Our resolve strictly lies in our domestic decision-making, rather than outside,” the minister stressed.

A new president to our liking must be equidistant from various political components; our solitary option as of 2016, had been consolidated in certain electoral departments, with a preponderant majority of mukhtars who swore allegiance to our national liberal tendency.

Listing the achievements in the heartland of Keserwan, Metn, Beirut and Jbeil, Bassil added that, the tendency scored major victories with minor retreats in Zgharta.

One of the victories achieved has been in the area of garbage disposal, when the cabinet decided to vest them with local municipal councils.

Bassil also prided his tendency with financing and sponsoring a number of municipal councils, who undertook garbage disposal operations.

He disclosed, “Up to one billion Liras (USD 6.5 million), being earmarked for such projects, during the fiscal year 2016 alone, thanks to our efforts, a decree has been issued to this effect in 2015.”

Bassil also disclosed that, municipalities under the jurisdiction of his tendency have effectively barred Syrian refugees from working or taking over Lebanese working quotas.

He went on to say further, scrutiny is needed to control Syrian refugee movements, stressing decentralisation could serve as the best means for achieving good results.

Also criticising the council for development and reconstruction, for what he termed as council’s endemic malfunction, Bassil underscored, most of the development took place in Beirut and Tripoli, while the rest of Lebanon remained pretty much deprived of them.

The minister concluded on a note stressing need for a comprehensive decentralised system with municipal heads acting as local mini presidents.

Source: Name News Network

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