Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Tuesday 26/7/2016

AN-NAHAR: Nouakchott summit with seven leaders and one-day commitment to fight terrorism “whatever its form”

ASSAFIR: Three No’s of Mauritania: no summit, no decisions, no work

From Inshas to Nouakchott: 70 years of Arab pleasantry

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Salam: We are not neutral in everything that affects security of our brothers

And particularly the “Cooperation Council”

Arabs condemn Iran and “Daash”

THE DAILYSTAR: Salam: Send refugees to Syria safe zones

–Prime Minister Tammam Salam Monday called for the establishment of a joint Arab committee to look at ways to relocate Syrian refugees from Lebanon in safe zones within their country, at the Arab League summit in Mauritania.

“Lebanon proposes that an Arab committee is made in order to establish safer areas for refugees inside Syrian territory, and to convince the international community of this,” the prime minister said in a speech in the opening day of the summit. He also stressed once again that Lebanon was not a permanent home for the refugees but could only offer temporary accommodation.

Source: National News Agency

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