Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Tuesday 3/5/2016

Tripoli’s earthquake opens file of defeats and gains

Any repercussions after Rifi’s victory and resignation of Fadel?

ASSAFIR: Tripoli’s elections’ repercussions: Fadel resigns… And Alawites protest

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Meets Emir Kuwait confirms Lebanon’s need to Gulf

Criticizing Iran’s “Unacceptable” interventions

Hariri: We respect democratic will of Tripoli’s locals.

THE DAILYSTAR: Rifi’s stunning win jolts political spectrum in north

—A stunning victory in the municipal elections by a list backed by resigned Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi has jolted the political landscape in the north, raising fears of sectarian tensions in Lebanon’s second city of Tripoli.

In a surprise decision, Tripoli MP Robert Fadel announced his resignation from Parliament in protest at the lack of Christian representation in the newly elected municipal council, which he said risked rekindling sectarian strife.

Source: National News Agency

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