Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Wednesday 3/8/2016

AN-NAHAR: Three-day dialogue “title known from its first day”

Boroujerdi “on alert”

Palestinians against Saudi Arabia

ASSAFIR: No Iranian or international initiatives for Lebanon…

And candidates are lost

Interlocutors are embarrassed… and no “safe exit”!

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Consensus on Taif’s Constitution… talks about “world and hereafter” between Franjieh and Raad

THE DAILYSTAR: Leaders to tackle vote law with presidency stances intractable

—Rival political leaders will shift gears on the second day of national dialogue Wednesday to concentrate on a new voting system, a day after failing to make any breakthrough in the more than 2-year-old presidential deadlock.

The election of a president is the first and main topic on the agenda of the three successive national dialogue sessions that kicked off at Speaker Nabih Berri’s Ain al-Tineh residence in the presence of all the original top attendees from the dialogue’s September 2015 sessions except MP Michel Aoun, who was represented by his son-in-law, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

Source: National News Agency

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