Lebanese Press Review for July 16, 2016

ress headlines for July 16, 2016, are as follows:



Turkey in chaos after militants attempt to topple regime

Erdogan from “safe place” promises to respond, accuses Golan



Army announces communique number 1 … president asks help from his fans, clashes on the streets

Regional earthquake: Coup fails, Turkey to the unknown



Cabinet confirms control on situation, power forces support it

Turkey: “Fifth coup” or “another Erdogan”?



Dialogue session: Taef in inappropriate time



Daesh recruits professionals in viruses and chemical composites

Probable terrorism surprises, France …unfortunate state

In Lebanon… terrorism close as armed persons reside the outskirts



Crowds derail Turkey coup attempt

Lebanese in Nice recount horrors of truck carnage

France probes whether Nice attacker acted alone

Secret chapter of Spt. 11 inquiry released after 13 years

U.S. , Russia agree “concrete” Syria steps

Lebanese condemns Nice attack, stands in solidarity

Source: National News Agency

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