BEIRUT, – Lebanese Member of Parliament, Ammar Houry said Tuesday, that, electing a new Lebanese President would be a prelude to a solution to all the existing crises nationwide.

“We opt for the principle of democracy and will cast our vote for a president. We will congratulate the winner and be the first to coordinate with him, even if the winner is MP Michel Aoun,” the Future bloc MP told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

On another level, Houry said that, the fact that it’s been ten years since the endorsement of a general budget, has complicated certain things.

“However, there’s a high chance to surpass all complexities in case of good will. It is high time we endorsed a new general budget, as this will help resolve many standing issues,” he added.

Touching on the oil dossier, the lawmaker shrugged claims that the Future Movement has hindered its progress.

“The oil dossier is of national nature and should be handled with utmost responsibility and transparency,” he added.

Source: Name News Network

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