BEIRUT, – Lebanon’s Deputy House Speaker, Farid Makari, told Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday, that, the extension of Parliament’s mandate is an unpardonable crime, calling for the holding of the legislative elections, even if under current law.

Makari considered that, by electing a new president, “we avoid extending the mandate of current Commander of the Armed Forces, General Jean Qahwaji,” stressing that, the president was the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and appointing a new Commander in the absence of a president was unconstitutional.

He urged all political factions to conduct the legislative elections, even by applying the current law, stating that, the law of individual electoral districts, proposed by Kataeb Party, was the best law presented thus far.

Makari criticised the proportionality law, saying that, it could only form the “worst parliament in Lebanon’s history.”

He highlighted the importance of agreeing on a common electoral law, that provided equitable representation for all, especially for Christians, for the sake of the country.

If there were no agreement over a new electoral law, Makari expected heavy civil movements to take action.

Source: Name News Network

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