Leo Group’s Independently-Developed High-Temperature Residue Hydrogenation Hydraulic Turbine Passes National Product Certification

WENLING, China, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire — The high-temperature residue hydrogenation hydraulic turbine with a processing capacity of 1.70 million tons per year, independently developed by Leo Group’s industrial pump technology center, was certified at the “Energy Recovery Turbine” national production certification event hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation in Xiangtan, Hunan province on December 5, 2015, following a 4,500-hour non-stop trial run at Sinopec’s facility in Changling.

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Over 30 participants, including top executives from the National Energy Administration, industry experts and judges, attended the product certification event, listening cto the onclusive report on the research and manufacturing of the equipment and watching the on-site application. All those in attendance agreed that the performance indicators including stability and energy recycling efficiency are better than the original imported version, showing the advanced level of the Leo product as compared to similar equipment produced by the company’s international peers.

The hydraulic turbine for residue hydrogenation equipment integrates several complex operating environments, including high temperatures (330-380 degrees C), high entry pressure (15.2 MPa), medium viscosity coke particles, the gas-liquid two-phase flow and flammability. The equipment is considered one of the most technologically difficult to produce in the centrifugal pump and hydraulic turbine sectors. The recognition by industry experts demonstrated China’s capabilities in developing this key piece of equipment independently and addressing the inherent operational instability of the residue hydrogenation equipment powered by a hydraulic turbine.

Leo Group has the industry’s only enterprise technology center rated by the Chinese government as a national-level producer. The center consists of three technical facilities, including the industrial pump technology center, which has created several proprietary innovations in recent years. The certified hydraulic turbine for residue hydrogenation equipment has already received four technical patents, as a result of delivering effective solutions for improving the stability of recycling the medium in the gas-liquid two-phase flow, the efficiency of the energy recovery and the ease of maintenance. In addition, the equipment also provides valuable practice for providing a solution to the complex operating environment of the gas-liquid two-phase flow equipment used in the petrochemical and coal chemical markets and helps set benchmarks for energy savings and cost reductions across the industry.

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