Loyalty to Resistance bloc entreats political forces to endorse fair electoral law

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc fervently beseeched all political forces in the country to salvage the nation and its integrity, through full commitment to the content of the national accord and the endorsement of a just, fair electoral based on parity and coexistence amongst all the Lebanese.

“The random application of the national pact constitutes the profound cause of the aggravation of the political crisis in the country, jeopardizing the work of all state institutions,” the bloc said in a statement in the wake of its periodic meeting at Haret Hreik, under the chairmanship of MP Mohammed Raad.

Conferees tackled most recent developments on the local arena.

Loyalty to Resistance confirmed its attendance of all sessions of the joint parliamentary committees, and its constructive participation in a substantive debate over all proposed project laws related to the novel election law.

On the other hand, the Bloc categorically underlined that “nobody in the world can alter the identity of the Arab world or liquidate its righteous or just causes, or even drop the right of peoples to resist occupation in a bid to impose subordination or supremacy projects.”

The bloc deemed the resistance in Lebanon as an “enduring source of pride and dignity to Lebanon, Arabs and all Muslims and liberals of the world,” with all systematic campaigns and measures leveled against the resistance shall utterly fall short to tarnish its image and reputation.

Conferees also implored all the Lebanese to intensively and effectively participate in the forthcoming mayoral and municipal elections, and insisted on the dire need of following up on all corruption dossiers, notably the illegal network and human trafficking files.

Source: National News Agency

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