Loyalty to Resistance bloc on July War commemoration: We uphold resistance option

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc renewed on the 10th commemoration of July War its commitment to the resistance option and approach, voicing utter determination to adhere to the ‘army, people and the resistance’ equation as the real piers of the national strategy to protect the country and brace it against any aggression or threat.

The Bloc’s fresh words on Thursday came in a statement in the wake of its periodic meeting at Haret Hreik, presided over by bloc head MP Mohammed Raad, to dwell on most recent developments in Lebanon and the broad region.

The bloc hailed on this commemoration the sacrifices of the brave resistance fighters and the spirit of resistance and solidarity demonstrated by the people of all affiliations, sects or trends.

On the other hand, the bloc categorically welcomed the oil understanding recently witnessed on the domestic arena, which would prompt the necessary preparatory measures to practically initiate with this project.

However, the bloc beseeched the government to be alert of its procedural measures to be undertaken in the fuel dossier, to avoid the recurrence of previously committed mistakes.

Turning to the longstanding presidential vacuum, the Bloc held the Saudi regime and Future Bloc the responsibility of disrupting the presidential elections, deploring all foreign interferences in this regard.

Source: National News Agency

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