Loyalty to Resistance bloc: Targeting resistance via banking sector is doomed to failure

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc said on Thursday that the US administration spares no effort to undermine the resistance and its audience, stressing that targeting the resistance via the banking sector was doomed to failure.

“The US Administration’s recent targeting of the resistance and its audience via the banking sector shall fail to achieve its goals,” Loyalty to Resistance bloc said in a statement in the wake of its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, under the chairmanship of bloc head, MP Mohammed Raad.

The meeting took up an array of hour issues.

“The government and the Central Bank are directly concerned with protecting Lebanon’s sovereignty and its monetary and social stability,” bloc said, categorically considering the recent stance by the Central Bank Governor as ‘ambiguous and suspicious’ which demonstrates the insubordinate of the monetary policy from the national sovereignty constraints.

The Bloc stressed that all attempts to undermine the resistance audience and its educational and health institutions shall fall short of achieving their goals.

On the other hand, the bloc considered that “the real, proper gateway to a stable authority in Lebanon lies in the adoption of an election law based on constitutional standards in terms of proper, comprehensive, and effective representation.”

“The majority of the formulas under discussion at the joint parliamentary committees go beyond constitutional and objective criteria,” the bloc said, pointing out that some of these proposals are discretionally tailored according to interests of certain political forces.

The bloc also regarded the 1960 election law as surpassing the constitutional criteria.


Source: National News Agency

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