Loyalty to Resistance: We hope dialogue upcoming August will yield positive consensus

Loyalty to Resistance bloc hoped that the forthcoming dialogue in August would yield in positive consensus that would restore regular life to the entire constitutional institutions.

“Such a dialogue poses a national opportunity which should be grasped by all those who are keen on Lebanon’s welfare,” the bloc said in the wake of its periodic meeting on Thursday at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, presided over by bloc head MP Mohammed Raad.

Conferees dwelt on an array of standing issues.

The bloc stressed the dire need for swiftly activating the role of government and re-structuring authority in a manner that would end the vertical political alignment and restore regular political life in the country, in accordance with the national accord and constitution in all their clauses and stipulations- in a bid to exit current deadlock.

On the other hand, the bloc renewed condemnation of all “persistent terrorist crimes committed by the Takfiri gangs in various countries in the region, Europe and the world,” stressing the necessity of an orchestrated, serious international action in the fight against terrorism in preservation of peoples and nations’ security and stability.

Source: National News Agency

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