Makari: Hezbollah, Iran hold presidential elections captive

Deputy Speaker, Farid Makari, told Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday that the presidential elections are held hostage due to a decision from Hezbollah and Iran, asserting that the Islamic Republic plans to use this file as a winning card in any negotiations that may take place with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Makari noted that the problem of the presidency in Lebanon was greater than the ability of French President Francois Hollande to solve in a matter of twenty-four hours. However, the recent visit by Hollande confirmed France’s “interest in Lebanon.”

“[The elections] are linked to the regional situation…and the obstacles that faced Geneva and Kuwait negotiations affected our domestic deadlines and postponed the election of a president.”

The Deputy Speaker wondered why the two presidential candidates, Michel Aoun and Sleiman Frangieh, failed to attend electoral sessions.

“Aoun’s chances are receding compared to Frangieh’s, due to the failure of his main ally (Hezbollah) to make any step towards facilitating his election.”

On that note, Makari dismissed the idea of electing Aoun for a two year term, stating that this would require amending the Constitution.

He expressed understanding of the apprehensions of Christian parties concerning the 60’s electoral law; nevertheless, Makari said that proportionality offered appropriate representation but not in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency

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