NNA – The blessed month of the Virgin Mary began in the Vatican with a marathon prayer in front of the icon of “Our Lady of Perpetual Help”, with the participation of 30 Marian shrines around the world, including the shrine of “Our Lady of Lebanon” in Harissa.

The Pope called on all to devote this month to pray for the salvation of the world from the Corona pandemic.

“The Marian month is a month dedicated by the Church of Rome in the seventh century to honor the Virgin. In the year 1683, Pope Innocent XI generalized this month, and soon the veneration of the Virgin Mary spread throughout the world, reaching the East,” Father Abdo Raad, President of the “People for People” Association, told the National News Agency.

“The choice of this month is due to its falling in the beautiful time of spring with its flowers and nature, and its spirituality is due to being at the time of Resurrection, the time of the ascension of Christ to Heaven, and the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples,” Raad explained.

“In Lebanon, the name Mary inspires openness to the other, especially since the feast of Mary’s Annunciation has become a national holiday, in which Christians and Muslims unite in love and honor of the Virgin. The name of Mary has become a cure for the agonized, a port of salvation, a door to heaven, and a union in the love and glorification of God,” he said.

Raad indicated that the rosary prayer is recited frequently during this month, as it is a prayer requested by the Virgin upon her appearance to Sister Catherine Labouré in Petrice in 1830. She also requested it from Bernadette Sobero during one of her apparitions in the Cave of Lourdes, and again asked for it during her second appearance in Fatima in Portugal in 1917.

He emphasized the need to teach our children to pray, “which is one of the ways that leads to peace,” adding, “The more we pray, the more we unite with God and our fellow human beings, so peace and love would prevail.”



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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