Marotti decorates Mira Daher ‘Ufficiale dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia’

Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Massimo Marotti, decorated on Wednesday evening, Ambassador Mira Daher Violides, with the ‘Ufficiale dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia’ on behalf of the President of the Italian Republic.

“The Order of Knighthood was originally founded in 1947, as the Star of Italian Solidarity, to recognize expatriates and foreigners who made an outstanding contribution to the reconstruction of Italy after World War II,” the Italian Ambassador said in an address he gave at a reception ceremony at the Italian Embassy in Naqqache yesterday evening.

“In 2011, the order was reformed to acknowledge and honor the persons whose activities and convictions made possible for Italy to enhance its role in the pursuit of peaceful and mutually respectful international relations,” the Italian diplomat explained.

“Ambassador Violides has been playing over the years an outstanding role, under the guidance of Minister Bassil, to deepen relations and friendship between Lebanon and Italy,” Marotti added.

He commended Violides as a brilliant diplomat, adding that she was nominated Chief of Protocol at Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“This is one of the most delicate assignments for a diplomat,” the Italian Ambassador said. “This role requires extraordinary skills and qualities, as it has a direct and immediate impact on the diplomatic relations between Lebanon and the rest of the world. Literally, Daher ad the Protocol Department that she directs, are the first reference for all the foreign Embassies in Lebanon. Moreover, if I may, Mira Daher sheds light on the role of women in leadership,” the diplomat added.

“Italy and Lebanon have strong historical ties. These ties are acknowledged by the Lebanese government and proudly handled and looked after by Minister Bassil,” he added.

“There is not one single area of the Italian activity in Lebanon and of our bilateral, political, military, economic, and cultural cooperation that has not been handled over the years with special attention and skills to make sure that our businessmen, military personnel, diplomats, and international staff could work in the best possible conditions here in Lebanon,” he added.

In turn, Ambassador Daher delivered a word in which she thanked the Ambassador for decorating her with the Italian order.

“The existing relations between Italy and Lebanon are very deep and date back to very old days. Both peoples have a lot in common with the civilizations of the Mediterranean,” she added.

“Cooperation and coordination between both countries and peoples are ongoing at all levels. Italy is a dear friend to Lebanon and has supported it amid its roughest times. This is what I have touched during my service in this post,” Daher added.

Source: National News Agency

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