Marouni: Lebanese alone can resolve presidential crisis

“Kataeb” bloc member, Deputy Elie Marouni stressed on Wednesday that “the sole solution to the presidential crisis is in the hands of the Lebanese alone”.

He added that if Iran and Saudi Arabia won’t agree, there would be no near solutions. “Deputy Michel Aoun and Deputy Sleiman Franjieh won’t withdraw their nomination and LF leader, Samir Geagea and former PM Saad Hariri will remain attached to their candidates.”

“The image is tragic, so what is needed is a popular renaissance to force the MPs to go down to parliament and elect a new president,” the Deputy told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio.

“We have no veto on any candidate, we support any consensual candidate,” he asserted.

On the other hand, Marouni said that his party is with the mixed law, “as it secures the Christian representation, but it should undergo some amendments.”

Source: National News Agency

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