Marsaud: France not master of its foreign policy anymore

French Deputy, Alain Marsaud, said on Thursday that France was hesitant and concerned and was no longer the master of its foreign policy.

The diplomat’s words came on Thursday during his meeting with the French diaspora in Lebanon at St. Georges Hotel, Beirut, in the presence of figures.

Marsaud added that France was not doing ok, it experienced pain due to the terrorist attacks, and “Bataclan is known today as the deadliest theatre in history.”

“When I met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, he told me that his country was not interfering in Lebanon’s affairs,” indicated the French MP, noting that Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince told him the same.

The diplomat also talked about primary elections in France, calling French people to be mindful and know how to choose because “these elections will decide who will be our future President.”

Source: National News Agency

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