Mashnouq launching Municipal Action 2016: Most important elections in decades

Interior and Municipalities Minister Nuhad al-Mashnouq categorically deemed the municipal and mukhatr polls as the “most important in decades” and an occasion for the revival of Lebanon’s democratic system.

“Municipal polls restore hope in the longstanding disrupted democratic system and prompt once again people’s vehemence for their rights,” Minister Mashnouq said during a press conference on Wednesday to kick off “Municipal Action Campaign 2016.”

Mashnouq presided over two consecutive meetings dedicated for the forthcoming municipal elections, one for governors and qaemmaqams, and the other for the Central Security Council.

On the logistic and security level, Mashnouq revealed that more than 26 thousand employees and 20 thousand security men shall oversee elections, expressing confidence in the security force’s ability to follow up on the electoral process across all Lebanese regions.

In reply to a question about hot spots, Mashnouq said that the security meeting tackled this topic, with the necessary means and measures adopted to secure the holding of elections in these areas.

“The army shall assume the mission of providing protection in these spots,” said Mashnouq, yet disclosing the presence of very limited areas currently witnessing security or confessional predicaments.

The Minister also underlined people’s utter right to freely elect and determine their municipal future.

“The success of the municipal and mukhtar elections as well as the parliamentary by-elections entails that we are still able to offer a model of national coexistence,” remarked Mashnouq.

The Interior Minister also hoped that municipal elections would leave positive impact on the forthcoming deadlines, and a new president of the republic would be soon elected.

He underlined that the Ministry stands at equal distance from all political forces without discrimination, vowing that elections would be taking place as scheduled without any postponement or delay.

Source: National News Agency

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