Mashnouq partakes in INDC meeting on implementing Lebanon’s nationally determined contribution

The Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Programme organized the first official meeting to tackle the implementation of Lebanon’s nationally determined contribution.

The meeting held at Movempick hotel is under the patronage of Minister of Environment Mohammad Mashnouq, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water, with funding from the European Union and the governments of Australia and Germany. It is held in presence of Director General of Water and Energy resources Fadi Comair representing the Minister of energy Artur Nazarian, as well as Ambassador of the European Union Christina Lassen, and the United Nations Development Programme Representative Philippe Lazzarini.

The meeting included a discussion on the methods of implementation of Lebanon’s obligations on climate stipulated in the INDC. It also dwelled on defining the responsibilities, particularly in terms of reducing greenhouse gases emission in transportation, waste, and forestry sectors.

Minister of Environment Mohammad Mashnouq delivered a word on the occasion whereby he said speech in which he said “I am proud to be with you today at the first meeting of the working group on the implementation of Lebanon’s nationally-determined contribution, for you have realized that Lebanon’s obligations and the activity of the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with other ministries in developing policies on climate is one of the most important opportunities to promote sustainable development in Lebanon.”

“Climate change is a key component in several policies in Lebanon, not just the ones related to the Ministry of Environment. When we talk about climate change, we also talk about opportunities to improve the financial, social, economic and banking policies in the energy, public health, agriculture, forestry, water, industry and other sectors,” he explained, assuring that “the MoE has (…) began to expand its studies to benefit from developmental, financial and economic opportunities available under the umbrella of the Convention the United Nations on climate change, particularly since the adoption of the new Paris Convention, which was signed by Prime Minister Tammam Salam in April 22, 2016 in New York.

“The challenge lies in the implementation of the set goals by taking the necessary practical measures by each concerned ministry as stated in Lebanon’s nationally-determined contribution, and our meeting today falls within this framework,” he said before conferees.

“Today, and after the Paris Convention, the world has made a quantum leap in fighting environmental risks,” he assured, noting that addressing climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions from has become a golden economic opportunity that everyone can benefit from.

“Let’s pursue the efforts that we have started and let the implementation phase of the INDC be fruitful, just like the preparation stage,” he finally hoped.

Source: National News Agency

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