MEDRC offers expertise in cutting desalination costs

MUSCAT: In response to increased pressure to cut the costs and increase the availability of desalinated water, the Muscat-based Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC) recently organized for the first time, an advanced four-day training session on Cost Estimation for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants. The course was delivered at MEDRC Headquarters in Al Hail by International Expert Nikolay Voutchkov.

In addition to hosting participants from the Sultanate, MEDRC also flew in participants from the water authorities of some Middle Eastern countries as part of its capacity building efforts.

The Centre Director announced that the training session was in line with ongoing support being extended by MEDRC to the desalination industry and to governments, as pioneers in desalination training and research in the region, MEDRC aims to offer more of the highly demanded courses while keeping a constant eye out for latest innovations, the Centre added in a press statement.


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