Member of Al-Fateh Alliance expects the intervention of the Religious Authority to resolve political differences


Baghdad Member of Al-Fateh Alliance, Ahmed Al-Kinani, confirmed today, Monday, that the current situation does not bear much political pressure and needs a unity of decision to form the government, expecting the intervention of the Religious Authority if political differences continue.

Al-Kinani said, in a statement carried by the Al-Sadiqoun parliamentary bloc’s website, that: If there is a lack of understanding among the blocs that object to the results and the winner, if they continue in this way, the door of Authority may open to politics for the purpose of gathering the situation and directing, since the circumstances do not allow for further procrastination.

He added, that political problems primarily affected the lives of citizens in all security, political, economic and even social aspects. Therefore, the continuation of the cause may prompt the Religious Authority to intervene in order to end the suffering of the citizen.

Al-Kinani indicated that: The Commission’s failure to deal with the demands of the demonstrators may constitute a new crisis in the country in addition to the crises of political differences, and therefore, the appeals must be considered according to what the protester wants and not according to what the Commission wants


Source: National Iraqi News Agency