Minister of Interior Mohamed Fahmy welcomed this Wednesday the Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon Emmanuelle Lamoureux, and discussed with her Lebanese-Canadian relations, in addition to the general situation in Lebanon and the demonstrations that accompanied the confidence session.

Minister Fahmy assured the Ambassador of Canada that “the demonstrators have not been treated with force,” pointing out that “the security forces worked to protect the peaceful demonstrators on the one hand and public and private properties on the other hand,” stressing that “the priority was to uphold the work of the ISF at all levels.”

He pointed out that “the economic situation is of utmost importance for the Lebanese citizen, and this is the focus of attention of the current government,” underlining “the important Ministry of Interior role in the process of improving the conditions of prisons, developing municipalities and supporting the rights of children and women.”

For her part, Ambassador Lamoureux affirmed “Canada’s contribution to the project of developing the capabilities of municipal police in Lebanon, in order to support the security forces in maintaining security across all regions,” expressing Canada’s readiness to assist Lebanon in all fields.

Minister Fahmy also welcomed the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Rebecca Grindley, who congratulated him on the government gaining confidence yesterday, and provided an explanation of the projects that the Australian Embassy in Lebanon is contributing to, praising the impactful presence of the Lebanese community in Australia in all fields.

She expressed regret over the martyrdom of an officer and a member of the Internal Security Forces yesterday in Ouzaei, stressing “the necessity of security cooperation between Lebanon and Australia.”

For his part, Minister Fahmy hoped “Australia would assist in building prisons and supporting the security forces development.”

Minister Fahmy finally met with the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, who stressed his country’s readiness to help Lebanon, calling for “concerted efforts between ministers in Lebanon to benefit from the assistance provided via the Cedre Conference.”

Foucher emphasized “permanent coordination to combat terrorism,” stressing that “France has allocated $ 50 million to support such projects, in coordination with the Internal Security Forces.”

Source: National News Agency

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