Mokbel from Russia: Lebanon on first defense line to confront terrorist attacks

Vice Premier National Defense Minister, Samir Mokbel, underscored that Lebanon occupies the first defense line in confronting furious terrorist attacks, underscoring that the Lebanese Army’s steadfastness on the border fronts protects Lebanon, as well as many other countries.

These words came in Mokbel’s speech which he made during his participation in the International Security Conference in Moscow.

Mokbel added “Rocking this steadfastness will expose those countries to the terrorism crimes and evils.”

He pointed out that Lebanon that was founded on Christian-Islamic coexistence and the rejection of tyranny and extremism has been subject to terrorism groups’ attacks since the beginning of this century; however, “it (Lebanon) decided to confront with strong will and high morals despite its limited means.”

Mokbel noted that the Army’s steadfastness on the frontlines and their confrontation to the attackers went in line with an equally important intelligence work represented in uncovering and pursuing terrorism cells, arresting their heads and members and referring them to justice authorities.

These efforts and the judicial investigations helped in arresting more terrorists and defeating suicide and assassination schemes, Mokbel said, noting that despite all the barbaric terrorism actions which the armed Lebanese forces have faced, they committed at all times to the international and humane laws.

“For these painful reasons, Lebanon and its Army should get help and be supported to secure its steadfastness via the creation of a security, economic and social stability which would be of benefit to Lebanon and the countries targeted by terrorism.”

Mokbel said this could be achieved by equipping and training the Lebanese Army and Security apparatuses, decreasing the repercussions of the Displaced Syrians flow to Lebanon whose number exceeded third of Lebanon’s population, putting an end to Israeli air, land and sea violations, presenting help to solve the Lebanese economic marine border crisis especially in the south and enhancing the appropriate circumstances to start oil and gas extraction.

He added “we are also looking forward to a stance from the countries that make weapons to be strict in controlling the destination of these arms so as not to fall, directly or indirectly, in the hands of terrorism groups (…) and to drying, by any means, the sources which fund the terrorist groups.”

The minister stressed that “Lebanon’s steadfastness in facing terrorism and providing stability has positive impacts on both regional and international levels (…) and supporting the Lebanese Army and Security apparatuses should be a priority for the countries that reject terrorism to enable them to confront this plague.”

Mokbel stressed that only solidarity of all the world countries against terrorism could destroy it.

Source: National News Agency

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