Mokbel leaves to Russia: Lebanon on first defense line to confront terrorism

Vice Premier National Defense Minister , Samir Mokbel, underscored on Tuesday that Lebanon occupies the first defense line in confronting terrorism adding that Lebanon’s fighting against terrorism serves the country first, the region second and the European countries third.

Mokbel’s words came before he left to Russia to take part in the international security conference where he will hold a series of meetings.

It is worth to note that Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasepkin paid Mokbel farewell at the airport.

Responding to a question regarding the promises to equip the Lebanese Army, Mokbel said “I will try to have an implementation promise because what we need is execution not just promises,” adding that he prepared– after talks with the military leadership– a list of requests and needs to discuss in Russia.

In turn, Russian Ambassador said that the visit is to take part in the conference to discuss with the international community common current issues.

The Ambassador added “Fighting terrorism has become an important issue for everybody; thus, the common issues have become many among all the countries and Lebanon’s role is distinguished as it stands on the first defense line to fight terrorism,” saying that they seek to stop the spread of the terrorism.

Source: National News Agency

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