Mouawad: I will only give confidence to technocrat government

Head of the Independence Movement MP Michel Mouawad said that the Lebanese have proved their adherence to their homeland, their identity and their flag.

“The Lebanese people want their rights to a decent living; they want a homeland that suits their ambitions, run by a transparent State and institutions that abide by the laws and allow judicial accountability for all corrupt,” he said in a statement.

“There is a collective responsibility not only to listen to what is happening, but to interact with it in order to produce the required reform and put Lebanon on the path of growth, hope and modernity,” Mouawad added, declaring that he will only name a technocrat to head the government, “specifically from the entourage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, because I will not accept a government of one color that will isolate Lebanon.”

“I will not give confidence to any government if not fully technocrat,” the MP stressed.

Source: National News Agency

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