Mousawi: infanticide in Yemen is incomparable to any other place

Infanticide in Yemen is incomparable to any other place, Hezbollah parliamentarian Nawwaf Mousawi, has reiterated during the funeral of a slain party member at Tibneen Huseiniyya mosque today.

Beefed up party military prowess thwarts any Israeli attempt at attacking us or perpetrating massacres here, Mousawi added. Quoting an Israeli intelligence source to the contrary of party’s fighting capability getting eroded during the Syrian conflict, the MP reiterated what he termed as “party’s ever growing strength’s securitizing of Lebanon in the face of potential aggression. Lebanon’s security is translated by our party inside Syria, he retorted.

Besides fighting inside Syria, our party engages in combating domestic corruption and prostitution largely fomented by a royal House of Saud bent on enslaving the Lebanese, he charged. Mousawi quoted French press accusations leveled at what he termed as “Saudi fomenting of civil strife in Syria, Iraq and Yemen by arming, training and dispatching dangerous ISIL-NOSRA terrorists all over the World”. The deputy duly charged the Saudis with deploying weapons of mass destruction including tactical mini nuclear bombs in both Syria and Yemen.

Also accusing the Saudis of placing a veto on Aoun’s accession to the first presidency, Mousawi concluded that solidere and Hariri of jeopardizing the interests of the people of Beirut.

Source: National News Agency

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