Moussa says Berri’s position from presidential candidacies clear

Member of Parliament, Michel Moussa, said on Tuesday that Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri’s stance from presidential candidacies had been clear right from the start.

“The most important thing is resolving standing issues; then, there wouldn’t be any disagreement over proposed names [presidential candidates],” the lawmaker said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

As for the destiny of the forthcoming dialogue discussions in September, Moussa said that everything depended on the political parties’ willingness to provide an atmosphere that allows constitutional institutions to perform the required tasks, and to alleviate political obstacles hindering the work of said institutions.

“All are called forth to seek the much-needed solutions and to make use of the opportunities being provided by Speaker of the House Nabih Berri,” Moussa added.

Source: National News Agency

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