Najaf Agriculture Directorate: Creating 500 thousand dunums to offer investment opportunities in the governorate

Najaf  The Directorate of Agriculture in Najaf announced that it has prepared 500 thousand dunums in the governorate to offer agricultural investment opportunities in the governorate.

Director of Najaf Agriculture, Munim Shahid Al-Fatlawi, said in a press statement, “the campaigns of harvesting and marketing the rice crop continue in Najaf, bringing the harvested area to (9612) dunums of the cultivated area, which amounts to (207532) dunums.”

He added, “the quantities marketed to the silos of the Ministry of Trade amounted to (2069) tons, including varieties of amber, jasmine and the Euphrates.”

Regarding the agricultural investment areas in the governorate’s desert, Al-Fatlawi said, “half a million dunams of investment opportunities have been created according to the directive of the Ministry of Agriculture, with the priority being for local investors from the governorate and sober companies .


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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