Nasrallah on Liberation Day: Israel is the enemy, some wish to turn it into an ally!

Army, People, Resistance’ equation shall persist in times of Arab passiveness

NNA – Marking the 16th commemoration of Liberation Day, Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, addressed the Lebanese on Wednesday in a televised speech under the headline: “May 25 – Victory of a Homeland, Dignity of a Nation.”

Speaking during a ceremony organized on the occasion in the town of Nabi Shit in the Beqaa, Nasrallah said: “Israel is the principal enemy, harboring greediness for our lands and sacred places, whilst some wish to turn it into an ally!”

“However, determination to resist such enemy plots has been firmly established in the years 2000 and 2006,” Nasrallah underscored.

He reiterated that the “Army, People, Resistance” equation shall remain at a time where Arab passiveness continues, highlighting attachment to said equation.

“The land would not have been liberated nor would security have prevailed had it not been for the resistance and its victories,” Nasrallah went on.

“This security is the result of the people’s steadfastness and the sacrifices of martyrs,” he noted.

Nasrallah thanked Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, for declaring today an official holiday and requesting that schools dedicate the first lesson on Thursday to honoring this day.

“Revival of the occasion is proof that we are a lively people, and a lively nation attached to its history, culture, achievements, victories and the sacrifices of its martyrs,” said Nasrallah.

“We are a nation proud of its achievements,” he added, calling on all Lebanese to consider the occasion a national day, par excellence, and the victory as theirs, as a whole.

Meanwhile, Nasrallah touched on recent municipal elections, considering that “the outcome has proved the strength of the alliance between Hezbollah and Amal Movement,” highlighting the importance of such alliance in wake of current circumstances.

He insisted on “holding parliamentary elections as well, based on a new electoral law that fully adopts relativity, refuting herein the 1960 parliamentary electoral law.”

“The most important factor in the formation of power is a new electoral law based on the election of a new parliament council, and relativity is the best guarantor of proper representation,” Nasrallah indicated.

“We support conducting parliamentary elections under any circumstances, for the current parliament council’s mandate cannot be extended any longer,” Nasrallah went on, stressing likewise on the need to hold the presidential elections as well.

Over regional developments, Nasrallah anticipated rising tension in the surrounding region throughout the coming months until the American presidential elections upcoming Fall.

Ruling out the possibility of near negotiations in Syria, Nasrallah considered that “truce is in danger,” adding that “armed groups are preparing for crimes while Syria remains unclear at the current stage.”

Over the Iraqi situation, Nasrallah said: “Battles have begun, and shall seemingly continue,” while expecting an “end to Daesh.”

Nasrallah emphasized the “need for approaching current circumstances with extreme caution, and assuming responsibilities relentlessly.”

“This phase draws the fate of Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Palestine and Iraq for tens and hundreds of years to come; thus, neutrality and idleness are futile at this point,” he went on, considering that such circumstances entail “further internal convergence in spite of disputes and differences.”

Nasrallah concluded by emphasizing the need for “dialogue and practicing patience towards one another, in order to safeguard and preserve our land and nation throughout the coming period.”

Source: National News Agency

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