NCT’s electrical workshop for MoE teachers concluded

NIZWA: Nizwa College of Technology (NCT) organised an electrical workshop recently for 40 teachers from Ministry of Education (MoE) in Dakhiliyah Governorate who teach life skills in schools. The two-day workshop held at the engineering department of NCT aimed at enriching the knowledge and skills of teachers in the maintenance of simple and common electrical devices and circuits used at homes.

The workshop was headed by Dr Khalid al Muharrami (pictured), the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs of NCT.

The first day of the workshop was meant for male teachers and the second day for female teachers. The workshop had theoretical and practical sections; the former was handled by Dr Khalid al Muharrami and the latter by Fahad bin Khalifa al Omairi. The two-day programme stressed on giving first-hand information and experience to attendees in maintaining household electrical devices and circuits

NCT has held series of such community development programmes focusing the different sections of Omani society and also has planned more such programmes for the future.

Expressing his happiness over the success of the NCT workshop, Dr Khalid said that the electrical workshop organised by NCT would eventually benefit the young generations of the Omani Community as the teachers who attended the workshop would transfer their knowhow to the student community in schools.


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