NNA visits Monza, an Italian city sharing common history with the country of the Cedars

The foreign press mission, including Lebanon’s National News Agency, ended its visit to the historic city of Monza in Italy, after conducting numerous meetings and field trips during which mission members learned about the history of the city and the desire of its officials to be exposed to the outside, especially Lebanon, which has special relations with Italy.

“We have a long history and landmarks that the world has not yet discovered,” said Anna Maria Arminio, an official at the Municipality of Monza.

After visiting the children’s exhibition on the re-manufacture of Phoenician products, especially the recycling of purple oysters, the mission had the chance to see several landmarks, including the royal palace, which was home to Queen Margaret who was the last of its residents in 1860. It is one of the largest royal palaces with an area of approximately 700 hectares, comprised of 700 luxury rooms and surrounded by gardens that include perennial trees and tall Cedars which were brought over from Lebanon more than 300 years ago.

“We are particularly interested in the National News Agency as an information medium because we love Lebanon so much, and everyone here knows it [Lebanon] well as the country of the Cedars,” Arminio added.

“We belong to a rich historical phase that began in the Middle Ages and lasted for centuries,” she told NNA.

“The city has resisted 32 foreign blockades in its history, and includes many historic monuments such as the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John, known locally as the Duomo, and a large number of historical buildings,” Arminio indicated.

It is to note that the mission’s visit ended with a tour organized by the Municipality in the famous racing fields of “Nacional de Monza” and ‘Eni”.

Source: National News Agency

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