OAPGRC roadshow attracting crowds

MUSCAT: The Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center (OAPGRC) Treasures of Oman Roadshow has now completed its visits to Muscat, Rustaq, Sohar and Khasab and is proving to be a huge success.

“We had anticipated that the Treasures of Oman Roadshow would attract a lot of visitors but we have been truly overwhelmed by its popularity. The number of visitors to the Roadshow has exceeded all expectations,” said a delighted Dr Nadiya al Saady, OAPGRC Executive Director.

During its launch at Sultan Qaboos University, the Roadshow attracted 566 students from 14 schools along with 27 teachers. While in Rustaq, the Roadshow was visited by 1,104 children and 68 teachers from 26 schools and an astounding 2,422 members of the public. Sohar saw the Roadshow welcome 1,040 visitors, this included 791 students plus 21 staff from 39 schools.

“The response to the Roadshow is particularly gratifying because of the important messages we are communicating to our young people in particular,” explained Dr Al Nadiya.

“Firstly, we want to raise awareness of the direct and indirect value of genetic resources to all our lives and encourage everyone to get involved in their preservation and conservation.

And secondly, we want to show how much possibility for the future is rooted in genetic resources — discoveries from plants, animals, marine life and microbes can feed and clothe us, as well generate significant economic benefits for Oman.

We want to spark an interest in careers in science, in genetic resources — from academia to industry to entrepreneurship — so that the youth of Oman can benefit from the growing number of opportunities that are opening up.
Aimed at introducing the wonder and importance of Oman’s amazing wealth of biodiversity to children aged 8 to 12, the Roadshow’s next stop will be in Khasab 23-24 March. Carried to each of its destinations on a uniquely designed, adapted and branded truck, the Roadshow has four fun-filled sections, one each for the animal, plant, marine and microbial kingdoms.


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