OFA completes Fifa screening programme

MUSCAT: The Oman national under-19 team became the final of the Oman national teams to complete the Fifa screening programme in the past 12 months, meaning all teams have now completed the process. On Wednesday, the Fifa pre-competition medical screening for the Oman U-19 team was concluded at Badr Al Samaa Ruwi Branch. These Fifa medical screenings have now been completed for all the Oman Football Association (OFA) national teams in the last 12 months.

Harry Brooke, the OFA head of medical sciences and services, has been working with the OFA’s medical partner Badr Al Samaa to put all teams through this process as part of his work to improve the health of the teams and players.

Harry said: “Our players are key to our future success, and the more we can do to ensure their physical well-being the better. These screenings have been implemented by all teams in recent times, and the results have helped us with team planning and training, and player management. “

“The OFA wishes to thank the professionalism of Badr Al Samaa and we look forward to the next round of Fifa medical screenings to take place over the next few months.”

The medical screening consists of a complete medical history, blood tests, ECG, Echocardiogram and a complete orthopaedic assessment.

Badr Al Samaa is the OFA’s medical partner and as well as providing screenings across all the teams, they have also been providing ambulances to all Omantel Professional League games across the season, and a number of other benefits for the OFA and the clubs.


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