Ogasapian: Concord almost miracle, financial situation in jeopardy

MP Jean Ogasapian said that delaying the oil file is not only due to the financial debates but is also connected to the various constitutional and deadline files, on top of which the presidential vacuum.

The MP told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio station that “the agreement between Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and the Free Patriotic Movement is not enough; and Prime Minister Tammam Salam needs to have further consultations with all political forces because this file demands concord over it to pass,” explaining that reaching agreement among various Lebanese politcal parties has become almost a miracle.

Ogasapian underscored that the Lebanese are heading full speed to have parliamentary elections based on the 1960’s law because carrying out the elections as scheduled has become a foregone conclusion.

He warned that “the financial situation is in jeopardy,” pointing out that Lebanon has been asked to set laws that permit automatic exchange of tax information.

The MP wondered “how Lebanon will overcome this issue.”

The lawmaker stressed “the need to take measures and communicate with the international organizations, so as not to downgrade Lebanon.”

Source: National News Agency

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